It's Time To Get Serious About Your SUCCESSION PLANNING.

Are you planning on retiring or changing professions?  It all starts with a plan.  We understand that this can be a difficult process, so we created a step-by-step, easy to follow, plan to help you along the way. 


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Are you an Advisor looking to retire or change careers?

Retiring or changing careers can be difficult, which is why we created a step-by-step guide that will help you easily and successfully navigate the process.


Have you recently suffered the loss of your husband?

Getting your finances in order during one of the most difficult times of your life can feel overwhelming.  We created an easy-to-follow FREE GUIDE to help you through the process.


Are you a woman currently going through a divorce?

Unfortunately, relationships end for a wide variety of reasons.  Our FREE GUIDE will take you through each step to becoming financially independent and secure.


We beleive everyone deserves financial peace of mind, which is why we're excited to offer you this "Household Budget Spreadsheet" for FREE!

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Our comprehensive blog has everything you need to better understand your current financial situation and plan for the future.

Checklist - Take control of your financial life!

Oct 12, 2023


I'm Matthew Starke

Great Lakes Retirement Solutions Inc. is a Fee Only Registered Investment Adviser firm that takes a proactive approach to planning both during the accumulation phase of life while you are working hard, and throughout the traditional retirement or distribution phase.

I am in the prime of my career. I mention this because if there is one thing I know for sure, its that there will be rocky times ahead. It is important that you work with someone who is experienced enough to know how to take advantage of the good times and protect your money when things are difficult. 


The special edition Advisor Succession Podcast!

If you are a Financial Advisor looking to retire or change careers this Four-Part Podcast is mandatory listening.  Matt will be talking about all the obstacles that may get in your way, how to overcome or simply avoid them. 


Get 1 on 1 Coaching through our Personal Accelerator Program.

If you are ready to start your wealth building journey or if you are trying to make up for lost time. Matthew Starke's 1-on-1 Personal Accelerator Program will help you find out where you currently are, help you define where you want to ultimately end up, and defines a path that will get you there!


The definition of a great legacy for a financial advisor.

"A great legacy for a financial advisor is built upon a foundation of trust, integrity, and unwavering dedication to their clients' financial success. It is the imprint of a professional who has not only provided sound financial advice but has also empowered clients with knowledge and confidence in their financial decisions.

This legacy is measured not just by the growth of clients' portfolios but by the security, peace of mind, and financial empowerment they have instilled in their clients. It's a legacy of financial education, tailored strategies, and a steadfast commitment to helping clients achieve their goals and dreams.

Ultimately, a great financial advisor's legacy is a lasting tribute to the lives they have positively impacted and the financial legacies they have helped their clients create."


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